Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) believes that a bed is a basic need. Having a bed improves  physical, mental and emotional health. When SHP realized that the needs for bed went beyond their own neighborhoods. they began partnering with organizations like us and became a national organization.

At AZ Community Impact we believe in the SHP mission to get kids off the floor and into a bed. For just a few hours of our time we are able to make a direct impact to the lives of the children of our community. We are so grateful to be able to partner with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. When we are allowed to come into a families home and provide a bed to a child it allows us not just the opportunity to better serve the needs of that family and the
surrounding neighbors,

We’re always looking for vo

lunteers to build bunks, go on bed deliveries, be vocal advocates for the SHP mission, and in unserved communities.